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Lip and Tongue Swelling...medical consulting

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An allergic reaction can make the lips swell. The reaction may be caused by sensitivity to certain foods or beverages drugs lipstick or airborne irritants. But frequently the cause of the swelling remains a mystery.

A condition called hereditary angioedema may cause recurring bouts of swelling. Nonhereditary conditions—such as erythema multiforme sunburn cold and dry weather or trauma—may also cause the lips to swell. Lip swelling on its own is not dangerous. However when lip swelling is caused by angioedema an accompanying swelling in the mouth throat and/or lower airways can be fatal.

Treatment depends on the cause. When a cause can be identified and then eliminated the lips usually return to normal. A corticosteroid ointment is sometimes used to reduce swelling caused by an allergic reaction. Occasionally excess lip tissue may be removed surgically to improve appearance.
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