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How to Say No to Sex

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Postpone sex for a later time.

Set a loose timeframe for when you could have sex in the future. Obviously you don’t have to stick to this schedule if you don’t want to but try to plan ahead slightly for when you might be available. Try to keep it sometime in the near future to let your partner know you’re still interested.

Say something like “Hey how about we have sex tomorrow? I have the day off so I’ll have way more energy.”
Or “Could we pick this back up in a day or two?”

Give advanced notice.

Sometimes you can tell you’re not going to be in the mood later. If you’re out on a date with a long-term partner and you’re having a good time they might assume you’d like to have sex later. You can tell them now that you aren’t in the mood so they don’t try anything.

Say something like “I’m having a super good time with you tonight. I just wanted to let you know that I’m probably not going to be in the mood later because I’m on my period.”

Just say “no.”

No is a full sentence and you never have to explain yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable having sex simply tell your partner significant other or spouse no. Feel free to follow up with an explanation if you want to but you don’t have to.

The best way to say “no” is to look into your partner’s eyes and say it clearly and firmly. Be confident when you say it so they know you won’t be swayed.
For example if your partner starts to go a little further than you’re comfortable with you can pull back and say “please stop” or “no.”
Or if your significant other asks if you want to head to the bedroom just say “not right now.”

Leave the situation if you feel threatened.

If someone continuously pressures you it’s time to go. While they might not be violent asking for sex repeatedly and trying to convince you is a form of sexual coercion and it’s never okay. If you can leave the situation and go somewhere else like a friend’s house.
US Office on Women's Health
U.S. government agency providing resources for women's health

If you’re young call a trusted adult to come and pick you up.

Tell them why you aren’t in the mood.

This can help avoid any hurt feelings with your partner. If your stomach hurts if you’re stressed or if you simply had a bad day you might not be feeling your absolute best. Tell your partner why you don’t want to have sex tonight for reassurance that it’s you not them.

Try something like “Hey I’m having super bad cramps and I just don’t really feel good. Maybe we can have sex tomorrow.”
Or “I’d really like to just chill and watch a movie tonight. It’s nothing to do with you I just had a bad day at work.”

End the relationship if you continuously feel pressured.

Partners should always respect each other’s boundaries. If your partner won’t take no for an answer or makes you feel bad about not having sex they aren’t a good person. It may be time to break up with them and move on.
US Office on Women's Health
U.S. government agency providing resources for women's health

If you don’t feel safe breaking up with your partner call a trusted friend or family member for help.

Tell them how far you’re willing to go.

Update your partner on what you’re comfortable with. Even if you’re not ready to have sex yet you might want to kiss make out or cuddle. Be upfront and honest about what you’d like to happen.

You could say something like “Hey so I’m not ready to go all the way just yet. I’m down to make out a little bit though.”
Or “I really like you I’m just not comfortable with having sex just yet. Could we just cuddle and watch a movie?”

Ask them to respect your decision.

If you feel pressured tell your partner that. Sometimes people asking for sex aren’t aware of how pushy they sound. If your partner continues to ask even after you’ve said no say something like:

“It makes me uncomfortable when you don’t respect my boundaries.”
“We’ve talked about this before and I’d really appreciate it if you’d stop asking. When I’m ready I’ll let you know.”

Explain why you’re waiting to have sex.

If you aren’t ready to have sex tell your partner why. While they should always respect your decision they might find it easier to understand if you let them in on your reasoning. You can tell your partner this at the beginning of a new relationship so they know where you’re coming from.

For example “I’m actually waiting until marriage to have sex. It’s important to me and to my faith.”
Or “I’m just not ready to have sex yet. I feel like I’m still a little too young.”
Or “I’d like to be in a committed relationship before we have sex. We don’t have to be married but I’d love it if we were at least monogamous.”

Suggest a different activity.

Do something else to connect as a couple besides having sex. If you aren’t in the mood but you still want to chill throw something else out there that you two could do. You could watch a movie play a board game or even cuddle.

You could say “I’m not really in the mood tonight. Do you want to cuddle with me on the couch and watch a movie?”
Or “Maybe we could have sex later. I’d love to play a board game with you though!”

simple explanation

It can be tough to tell someone you like that you don’t want to have sex. Whether you’re waiting until marriage feel like you aren’t ready yet or you’re simply not in the mood turning down sex should feel easy and comfortable with the right partner. Here are a few ways you can say no to sex without feeling guilty or pressured to give in.
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