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Praetorian prefecture of the East

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The Prefecture was established after the death of Constantine the Great in 337 when the empire was split up among his sons and Constantius II received the rule of the East with a praetorian prefect as his chief aide. The part allotted to Constantius encompassed four (later five) dioceses each in turn comprising several provinces. The authority of the prefecture stretched from the Eastern Balkans grouped into the Diocese of Thrace to Asia Minor divided into the dioceses of Asiana and Pontus and the Middle East with the dioceses of Orient and Egypt.

List of known praefecti praetorio Orientis

Pompeius Probus
Ablabius (329-337/338)
Septimius Acindynus (338–340)
Philippus (344–351)
Thalassius (? - 354)
Domitianus (354)
Strategius Musonianus (354–358)
Flavius Hermogenes (358-360)
Helpidius (360)
Saturninius Secundus Salutius (361 until some years into the reign of Valentinian)
Domitius Modestus (369–377)
Quintus Clodius Hermogenianus Olybrius (379)
Neoterius (380-381)
Maternus Cynegius (384–388)
Eutolmius Tatianus (388–392)
Flavius Rufinus (392 September 10 – 395 November 27)
Caesarius (1st time 395 November 30 – 397 July 13)
Eutychianus (1st time 397 September 4 – 399 July 25)
Aurelianus (1st time 399 August 17 – October 2)
possibly Eutychianus (2nd time 399 December 11 – 400 July 12)
Caesarius (2nd time 400–403)
Eutychianus (3rd time 404–405)
Flavius Anthemius (405–414)
Monaxius (1st time 10 May – 30 November 414)
Aurelianus (2nd time 414–416)
Monaxius (2nd time 26 August 416 – 27 May 420)
Eustathius (420–422)
Asclepiodotus (423–425)
Aetius (425)
Hierius (1st time 425–428)
Flavius Florentius (1st time 428–430)
Antiochus Chuzon (430–431)
Rufinus (431–432)
Hierius (2nd time 432)
Flavius Taurus (1st time 433–434)
Anthemius Isidorus (435–436)
Darius (436–437)
Flavius Florentius (2nd time c. 438–439)
Flavius Taurus Seleucus Cyrus (439–441)
Thomas (442)
Apollonius (442–443)
Zoilus (444)
Hermocrates (444)
Flavius Taurus (2nd time 445)
Flavius Constantinus (first term c. 447)
Antiochus (448)
Flavius Florentius Romanus Protogenes (448–449)
Hormisdas (449–450)
Palladius (450–455)
Flavius Constantinus (second term 456)
Flavius Constantinus (third term 459)
Flavius Antoninus Messala Vivianus (459–460)
Pusaeus (465)
Amasius (c. 469)
Matronianus (491)
Hierius (494–496)
Euphemius (496)
Polycarpus (498)
Constantine (1st time 502)
Appion (503)
Leontius (503–504)
Constantine (2nd time 505)
Eustathius (505–506)
Zoticus (511–512)
Marinus (1st time c. 512–515)
Sergius (517)
Marinus (2nd time 519)
Demosthenes (520–524)
Archelaus (524–527)
Basilides (c. 527)
Atarbius (c. 528)
Iulianus (530–531)
John the Cappadocian (1st time 531–532)
Phokas (533)
John the Cappadocian (2nd time 533–541)
Flavius Comitas Theodorus Bassus (c. 541) as John's deputy
Peter Barsymes (1st time 543–546)
Flavius Comitas Theodorus Bassus (c. 548)
Addaeus (c. 551)
Hephaestus (551–552)
Areobindus (c. 553)
Peter Barsymes (2nd time 555–562)
Diomedes (c. 572)
Georgius (c. 598)
Constantine Lardys (c. 602)

simple explanation

Praetorian prefecture of the East
Praefectura praetorio Orientis
Ἐπαρχότης τῶν πραιτωρίων τῆς Aνατολῆς
Εώα Υπαρχία
Praet. Prefecture of the East Roman Empire
337–7th century

Praetorian Prefectures of the Roman Empire (395). The Praetorian Prefecture of the East is in grey.
Historical eraLate Antiquity
• Established
• reorganization into themata
7th century

Political subdivisionsDiocese of Thrace
Diocese of Asia
Diocese of Pontus
Diocese of the East
Diocese of Egypt

The praetorian prefecture of the East or of the Orient (Latin: praefectura praetorio Orientis Greek: ἐπαρχότης/ὑπαρχία τῶν πραιτωρίων τῆς ἀνατολῆς) was one of four large praetorian prefectures into which the Late Roman Empire was divided. As it comprised the larger part of the Eastern Roman Empire and its seat was at Constantinople the praetorian prefect was the second most powerful man in the East after the Emperor in essence serving as his first minister.
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